Although not all employers are legally obligated to provide paid vacation, it has become a common business practice to do so. In addition, some states now have laws that mandate certain types of paid vacation2time off, such as sick time. Regardless, to remain competitive, most employers offer at least some amount and type of paid time off, whether it is with the traditional designations of vacation, sick and personal days, or the catch-all bucket of general paid time off (PTO).

This survey inquired about paid vacation time, sick time, personal days, PTO banks and holidays. A total of 2,192 respondents completed this survey.

Similar to previous years’ survey results, 94 percent of employers that participated in this survey offer some type of paid time off benefits. Generally, the percentage of employers offering various types of paid time off and how they manage it has remained fairly consistent the last several years.


This survey was completed by employers in all regions of the United States. The overwhelming majority of survey respondents were from organizations employing fewer than 500 employees, and nearly 60 percent employ fewer than 100 employees.

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