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20 Years Ago Today

Posted by John Powter

Aug 15, 2014 11:11:08 AM

20 years ago today my wife and I started Powter Insurance it has been an incredible roller coaster of ups and downs.  There were different types of days, some that the paper check kept us afloat, days of feeling at the top of the mountain with a win of a huge account and days of falling down the mountain when we lost that huge account. But the real joys were the simple celebrations with the employees that makeup our company.  Our family is larger now with four acquisitions and one merger, but I feel we have the best team in place than ever before. 


We have grown, shrunk and grown again, and now we are making another run.   Thank you to everyone that has helped us reach the success over the last 20 years, but a special thank you for the employees that are still with Dianne, and I since the beginning and the new ones I hope are with us for another 20 years.  This milestone is more about them as without those partners we are nothing.




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