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Active SHooter Insurance Program

Posted by John Powter

Feb 13, 2016 5:05:58 AM

Just last week there was another active shooter incident in Glendale AZ. Schools and Universities are becoming increased targets for these attacks. The problem in the insurance industry is this emerging risk falls between two active_sh-1024x683.jpginsurance policies. Are the two girls in Glendale terrorists? By all news counts no it appears as a murder-suicide, but in today's world what is terrorism and what is just a random act of violence?    Does the liability fall on the General Liability Policy or the Terrorism policy?  We find when Schools and Universities press the insurance company for a written response before an incident happens the insurance companies cannot provide one.

GDP Advisors has created an active shooter insurance program to solve these potential gaps in coverage and adds additional layers of risk management- prevention and mitigation.  We have an on onsite assessment to make sure you have the best in the class emergency action plan. We also provide a public relations disaster team if your School or University is victimized.  Our   Active Shooter Program wraps all risk into one policy form so that you aren't victimized twice, once by the incident and secondly by a gap in coverage.

  • 3rd Party Liability Limits from $1,000,000-$20,000,000
  • Built in Crisis Management Services (standard- no additional premium)
  • Crisis Management Response Team 24/7/365
  • Active Shooter Seminar and Security Vulnerability Test (standard- no additional premium)
  • Policy provides terrorism coverage as well
  • Counseling Services and Funeral Expenses

Contact your GDP Advisor today or click here for an application. 

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