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Active shooter planning for schools

Posted by John Powter

Feb 13, 2016 4:45:49 AM

Each day 55 million students enter the halls of our education system here in the United States. The community expects schools to provide a safe from threats.  Most of these universities follow the PPD-8, which is surrounded by five key areas:


The risk of an Active Shooter is just one of the human threats that our education facilities must assess,  The massacre at Columbine taught law enforcement they had to respond differently. During that incident, it was standard protocol for local law enforcement to wait for the SWAT team to arrive, that strategy was called "contain and wait".  Columbine prompted the most sweeping changes in police tactics since then.

Police around the country now employ so-called contact teams, in which patrol officers from any jurisdiction band together to enter a building in formation to confront the gunman and shoot it out with him if necessary. 

In another change prompted by Columbine, SWAT teams across the country have armed medics and rescue teams trained to drag the wounded out under fire. Now teams are trained to enter a building immediately instead of the average 2-hour wait for a SWAT team to enter. 

Workplaces are now focusing on this emerging risk by training people to Run, Hide and Fight this ties into the strategies above that time is the number one risk.  

GDP Advisors has an active shooter planning program that bridges the gap in a typical insurance policy of terrorism and general liability. We provide: 

  • 3rd Party Liability Limits from $1,000,000-$20,000,000
  • Built in Crisis Management Services (standard- no additional premium)
  • Crisis Management Response Team 24/7/365
  • Active Shooter Seminar and Security Vulnerability Test (standard- no additional premium)
  • Policy provides terrorism coverage as well
  • Counseling Services and Funeral Expenses

Contact your GDP Advisor for or click here for an application

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