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An Active Shooter Conversation With My Nine Year Old

Posted by John Powter

Feb 21, 2016 12:12:22 PM

Here are the facts-

160 incidents between 2000 and 2013
Average of 11.4 incidents occurred annually
1043 casualties including killed and wounded- this does not count the shooters
70% of the incidents occurred in either commerce or education environment
40 of the 50 States have had a shooter incidentactive_shooter_chart.jpg
60% of the incidents had ended before the police arrived

I have experienced the education system at all phases of development.  Last week I had lunch with my daughter who is in 3rd grade.  I asked her a question, "How often do you have safety drills and what are they?"  She went on to explain without a minute of hesitation the following:

“Umm, we have four drills. They are the fire, lockdown, tornado and earthquake drill. We all line up and go outside to the playground for the fire drill.  During the lockdown drill, we hear a beep, beep, beep. The teacher runs to the door, she locks it, and there is a black piece of paper at the top of the window that she pulls it down. Then she turns off the light, and we all go in the corner and hide. The teacher gets in front of us.  Then we wait till the principal comes over the intercom, and says you can come out of your hiding place.  When we have the tornado drill, we have to go into Mrs. Simons room because she doesn’t have a window so we go in a corner to duck and cover.   For the Earthquake drill, we hide underneath our desks until we hear the all clear sound."

I asked her when was the first time she remembers doing these drills; she told me kindergarten.  If I asked your employees what would they do in an active shooter situation, would they be able to answer this question as well as your children could?

Each year we trust our schools to take care of 55 Million students. By evidence of my nine-year-old, they are training them each month for the day that we hope will never come.  Education is the first step to protecting your employees. In Risk Management ,we consider that Mitigation, but what about the other strategies of handling risk?

Five Strategies for handling risk:


Let’s start with prevention, are you doing an assessment on your business to identify the potential threats to your location?  We can’t transfer the liability in an Active Shooter situation, and assume the risk is just too great a risk to shoulder.  Financing the risk is paying a premium to a third party or insurance company to help with the loss in case of an Active Shooter. The financing strategy is where the challenge lies -Insurance policies were not designed to cover Active Shooting situations. There is a potential gap in coverage in the General Liability and Terrorism policies.  GDP Advisors has designed a customized insurance policy to bridge this gap and provide a complete solution for all phases of the education system public or private.  Our program provides a full threat assessment and media response team in case of loss along with limits of liability that combine the Liability and Terrorism policy into one.  Contact a GDP Advisor or go to for a complimentary proposal.

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