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Could one of your vendors cost you $420 Million

Posted by John Powter

Feb 11, 2014 9:21:00 AM


Hackers_behind_TARGET_data_breach_are_looking_for_crackers_to_decrypt_Credit_card_PINsAccording to Krebs on Security a Pennsylvania HVAC company may be the entry point for the hackers that got access to an estimated 70 Million shoppers.  The hackers obtained login credentials from the company, because sometimes retailers will give vendors login information to be able to adjust electric usage to save costs.  

We have interviewed over 1000 CEO’s through our patented risk management process, and one common risk we uncover is the lack of vendor scrutiny and insurance monitoring. For your own company I doubt if a new customer will let you begin working until you provide a certificate of insurance. However do you have the same vigilance for the people that work on your equipment or provide services to you? Too often the answer is no, we help our customers by providing the tracking of the renewal dates and the verification of coverage’s.  Let us see what other risks you are facing that you don’t know about, our model of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing potential risk helps our customers increase profitability, productivity and employee retention.   Call today to see how we can help your company do the same.


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