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GDP Advisors 3rd Qtr Philanthropy Project

Posted by John Powter

Aug 29, 2014 2:17:10 PM

GDP Advisors has been located in the McKinney area for approximately 20 years now and recently decided to implement a quarterly philanthropy project as a way to give back to the local community.  For their 3rd quarter 2014 project, they wanted to do something for the homeless and elected to collect donations for The Samaritan Inn Emergency Shelter located at 1710 North McDonald Street.Samaritan_inn2

The Samaritan Inn is a fantastic organization that provides citizens facing homelessness with a safe and clean place to serve as their temporary residence.  They provide three well-balanced meals each day in addition to necessities such as clothes, shoes and personal hygiene products as well as support programs and “life” classes.  The Samaritan Inn also provides residents with assistance in planning for future independence both during their stay at the Inn and after.  Once a resident can leave the shelter and establish an independent life, The Samaritan Inn will continue to provide them with access to household needs such as furniture, linens and cleaning supplies if necessary.  

GDP employees gathered items such as pillows, towels, cleaning supplies, school supplies and office supplies for donation.  They paid close attention to the specific items listed on the Inn’s website as being urgently needed.  The donations were delivered to the Inn on August 28th by several GDP staff members who witnessed several other donations being brought in and volunteers arriving to help where they could.  It was an overall excellent experience.


The Samaritan Inn Emergency Shelter is a generous organization offering outstanding services to communities across the country.  The GDP staff was honored to take a small part in that service through these donations and looks forward to soon reporting on the success of their 4th quarter philanthropy project, too.  

 For further information on volunteering and donating, please visit their website:

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