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Posted by John Powter

Oct 24, 2015 6:02:21 AM

Violence and crime in the workplace, whether involving intruders or employees, is a serious concern for businesses. It is fundamental to educate your employees so they are prepared to react appropriately in the event of an incident. GDP Advisors LLC has a library of resources to help you educate employees on the topic of violence in the workplace. In conjunction with the National Crime Prevention Council’s National Crime Prevention Month, use the following documents available from GDP Advisors LLC to educate employees:  

  • Safety Matters: Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Safety Spotlight (Employee Newsletter): Workplace Violence and Fire Emergencies
  • Payroll Stuffer: Control Your Anger Before it Controls You
  • Playing it Safe: Identity Theft
  • Safety Spotlight (Employee Newsletter): Sexual Harassment and Office Safety
  • Payroll Stuffer: Identity Theft—Tips for Staying One Step Ahead

GDP Advisors LLC is your resource for employee safety documents. For more information about employee safety programs and ways to mitigate workplace violence, contact us today at (800) 473-8697.

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