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What Happens if Your Employee Bites Another Employee

Posted by John Powter

Jul 1, 2014 11:59:48 AM

How would you handle if one of your employees harmed another employee?  Many companies we visit with have no procedure for handling workplace violence.

Full disclosure, I am not a soccer fan.  However, I did jump on the bandwagon this week like many other Americans. This article isn't about my lack of knowledge or disdain for a sport where you can tie, it is an observation on Luis Suarez - the player who bit another player. This is really the same as an employee who physically harms another employee or customer.  How would you deal with it? 

We have put together a guide to make sure you are protected against an employee who commits any threatening act to help you avoid being sued for wrongful termination.Untitled_design_(9)

With this guide, I trust you will deal with the termination of an employee better than FIFA did. (And I will continue to stay on the bandwagon and appreciate the passion soccer fans have.)



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