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The Investment Doctor Will See You Now - Episode 4

The Doctor Will See You Now - Episode 3

The Tax Doctor Will See You Now - Episode 2

The Doctor Will See You Now - Episode 1


The Future of the ACA & The 5th Circuit

TRACTION or TALK: The Impact of the Administrations Approach to Prescription Drugs


Looking Forward with Innovation

MEDICARE FOR ALL: Good POLICY or Good Politics?

2019 Drug Prices = A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Déjà Vu All Over Again: The Recent Ruling On the Constitutionality of the ACA & What Comes Next

THE TRUMP EFFECT: A Closer Look at Why ACA Enrollment is Down & What Consumers Need to Know

Your Facebook & Twitter Post Could Impact Your Health Insurance Cost

The President's Plan to Curb Rising Prescription Drug Costs: What Was Said, What Wasn't Said, and What Needs to Be SAid

GDP's Seth Denson Join's the Jeff Angelo Show on Des Moines WHO - Broadcast Date 2/2/2018

Co-Founder Seth Denson Discusses the Future of Healthcare on KEXB's "In The Know with Brian Glenn" - Broadcast Date 1/31/2018

GDP's Seth Denson joins the fox news rundown - Broadcast 2/1/2018

Bulletin: Tax Reform & Its Impact on the Individual Mandate

Healthcare Reform Update, July 28th - The Death of the Skinny Repeal

Health Care Reform Update - July 25, 2017

Curing Healthcare (Summary)

Curing Healthcare: Part 4 - Solutions

The Employer Mandate - How the Senate's ACA Replacement Bill Addresses This Issue

Curing Healthcare: Part 3 - Facts and Opinions

Curing Healthcare: Part 2 - A Personal Connection

Curing Healthcare: Part 1 - Introduction

the seven year itch: THE latest attempt to solve healthcare & why it wont work




Employee Risk Retention

Human capital vs Investments vs payroll expense

Hedging your highest risk investment

Human Capital vs Investments vs Payroll Expense

Distribution rates

10 Life Lessons To Manage Risk: An Open Letter to My Daughters


Risk report: identifying uninsurable risk

An Active Shooter Conversation With My Nine Year Old

Active SHooter Insurance Program

Active shooter planning for schools

Active Shooter Insurance Program

The Risk Report Video: aca reporting under section 6055&6056

the risk report: aca reporting under section 6055&6056

the risk Report

ACA Update 1094 and 1095 deadline extended

Form 1095-A: What You Need to Know

Saying goodbye to annual reviews

Health savings account what you need to know

Workplace Wellness Plan Design – Legal Issues

Final ACA Market Reform Rules Issued

DOL Proposes to Strengthen Claims Procedures for Disability Benefits

Employee Benefits Insights

Opioids: Addiction, Escalation and Overdose

EEOC Investigations- what employers needs to know

WHat's happening in Cyber Liability

OSHA Penalties to Increase By Up to 50 Percent in 2016

2015 Testing Now Open for Electronic Reporting under Sections 6055 and 6056

Health FSA Limit is Unchanged for 2016

NLRB Adopts New “Joint Employer” Standard

GDP Advisors Acquires The Insurance Connection of Texas

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) – DistributionRules

SAFE and productive employees

Employer Reportingof Health Coverage—Code Section 6056

Benefits Buzz November 2015

Do you know if your organization will be liable for the Cadillac Tax?

What happens if I miss Open enrollment?

Prescription Trends- how and why costs are increasing

Senate Passes ACA Small Group Market Rule Repeal

Benefits bulletin October 2015

6056 New Reporting requirements you must know about

Are you a small or large group? the rules are changing 1/1/2016

Three Things To Help With Heart Disease For Your Employees

Make a difference and change the vending machine 

Separate Section 6055 Reporting may be Required for some HRAs

What happens if an employee misses open enrollment?

Accommodating Transgender Employees

Three big things that changed in the last 90 days you need to know

2015 Draft Instructions for 6055 and 6056 Reporting Include Filing Extensions

You thought a Cadillac was just a car think again it's a tax

Cyber- Android "Stagefright" Bug What You Need To Know

Telemedicine Rocks Find Out Why

Make sure you are classifying your employees correctly or you could be at risk

Top Questions Our Compliance Department Had In June

If Your Exempt Employee Works A Partial Day You Still Have To Pay

2015 Paid Time Off Survey Just Released

DOL Proposes Changes That Affect 11 Million Workers

Where does 17.2% of our gross domestic product go?

U.S. Supreme Court Legalizes Same-sex Marriage Nationwide

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds ACA Subsidies in Federal Exchanges

IRS Releases 2015 Draft Forms for Employer Reporting of Health Coverage

Colorado Court Rules Employees Can be Fired for Legal Marijuana Use

ERISA: A Timeline for Compliance

Health Saving Accounts: “What if” Scenarios

Standing and Treadmill Desks

Medicare Supplement Plans

Making the Case for Good Job Descriptions

Cobra Can Bite You In Employee Benefits

6056 What Information Needs To Be Reported

6055 What Information Needs To Be Reported?

Reduce Your ER Visits = Lower Health Premiums

Homeowner's Insurance

Find Out If You Will Have A Penalty On 1/1/2016

What you need to know in HR-May 2015

EEOC Issues Proposed Rule on the ADA and Wellness Programs

Do You Have Any Day Prisoners Working For You?

If You're Relying on a Certificate of Insurance, You Better Look Twice

Interesting Facts about Recycling

Employer Wellness Plans What You Need To Know Before Implementing

Reporting of Coverage- Code 6055 & 6056

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pregnant Worker in Discrimination Case

"The Dress" Important Data as a Leader

ERISA Compliance FAQs: Fiduciary Responsibilities

Why Your Eligibility for Employer Health Coverage Can Change

Preparing your 2014 Return - the shared responsibility payment

Are you a large employer per the ACA?

Employees forget 97% of what they learn after 30 days

New Exchange Special Enrollment Periods for 2015

Six Steps to Minimize Business Interruptions

Medicare Part D Disclosures due by March 1, 2015 for Calendar Year

Are You Protected if a Winter Storm Hits?

How to Manage Subcontractors

Benefits Buzz-February 2015

Individual Insurance: Reporting Coverage and Paying Penalties

Three Rules That Changed

DOJ allows claims based on Gender Identify including Transgender

Evaluating Vendors for Business Continuity Risk – Are You Asking the Right Questions

Apprenticeships, Employee Training, Employee Retention

GDP Advisors 4th Qtr Philanthropy Project

DOL Audit Warning Signs

New AMA's Obesity Classification Could Impact Your Bottom Line

Buy Sell Agreements How to Manage Them

Disaster Planning May Be As Simple This Excercise

Marijuana in the Workplace How Do I Handle This?

ERISA Compliance FAQs: What is an ERISA Plan?

Happy Thanksgiving

5 Step to an Effective Benefits Strategy

Captives What Are They?

Reminder OSHA logs are due Feb 1, 2015

Who are the world's best closers?

Can Health Insurance Rebates Affect Workers’ Comp Premiums?

6th Circuit Upholds Same Sex Marriage in Four States

As Fear of Ebola Widens

$262,500 Fine -OSHA Takes on The Dollar Tree

If my employees are infected with the Ebola Virus does Workers Compensation cover them?

Wellness Gone Wrong

Instead of "One More Thing" it was One More Company Hacked

Company fined $300,000 for warehouse violations

Working Safely and Warehouses

GDP Advisors 3rd Qtr Philanthropy Project

Under Promise and Over Deliver

Maximum Leadership: 10 Questions to Sharpen Your Decision-Making Skills

Use Safety Programs to Lower Costs

20 Years Ago Today

Happy Workers Are More Productive

My Friend John - A Legacy of Love

How do you measure culture

Planning a merger or acquisition? 10 questions could save your company

What if Tracy Morgan was suing your company?

What Happens if Your Employee Bites Another Employee

Planning a Road Trip?

Strength vs. Endurance Training

Group B Strep Awareness

To Pay Or Not Pay That Is The Question

Minimum Wage Increase: A Balloon Getting Squeezed


What if You Offered Unlimited Vacation Days to Your Employees?

5 key areas of a disaster plan

What was the real cost of the Target Breach?

How to protect yourself from Internet Explorer Vunerability

Older Workers Need Longer Recovery Time

What if you could a 55% increase in employee productivity?

Cyber risks can cause disruption on scale of 2008 crisis: study

How Is Workers Compensation Data Useful for Public Health?

Is Heartbleed going to cause you Heartburn?

Standard vs. Non-Standard Insurance Coverage

Is Your Workplace Safety Program Effective?

What If Your Employees Could Be 55% More Productive?

Don’t have updated equipment but an outdated disaster plan

West Virginia Chemical Spill Highlights Need for Pollution Liability Insurance

Is 40 the New 30?

66,550 Reasons to Implement a Workplace Safety Program

Claims-Made v. Occurrence Made Forms: What's the Difference?

What’s the difference between Additional Insured and Additional Named Insured?

Could one of your vendors cost you $420 Million

February is Heart Health Month (Is Your Heart Healthy?)

Does Your Employee Benefits Plan Address Workplace Hazards?

Employee Benefits: Why You Should Offer Home and Auto Insurance

Disaster Preparedness: Communication and Technology

Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Organization Against a Hidden Threat

What Insurance Do I Need For A Pizza Delivery Store?

The 6 Most Common Insurance Claims You Can Avoid

All Homeowners Insurance Policies Are Not Created Equal

Preventing Cyber Attacks

Transition Policy for Canceled Health Insurance Plans

Industry Experts Joining Forces

Health Savings Accounts still play a vital role in strategic planning

Family Responsibilities Discrimination

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